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Vastu For Pooja Room

Vastu For Pooja Room Service Provider Delhi,NCR,Jaipur,Rajasthan,IndiaThe Pooja Room in your house must be planned as per guidelines as it effect in daily life. So, for getting positive energy it is very necessary to take Vastu Consultancy Services. The Pooja Room in your house must be planned according to Vastu tips, in order to bring wealth, good health, prosperity & happiness in house and in daily life.

Be close to God and adjudge your everlasting love for him by making an oasis of peace, love and tranquillity in your residence. Beautiful Pooja Room made as per Vastu can assist the immortal’s shine their leading light on every field of our being and give positive, happy and prosperous life.

However, the best corner for a Pooja Room in a house is North-east as it gives positive effects in your house. Besides, you can also prefer for directions such as north and east for building a holy place.

Today, many people reach to us for getting Vastu Remedies as for them we are considered as one of the popular Vastu Consultants from Rajasthan, India.

Location of Pooja room

  • Avoid other directions for locating your Pooja Room
  • Avoid constructing it under the stairs or basement
  • The perfect location of the Pooja Room is the Northeast direction as it gives positive results
  • Exceptional Pooja can be executed in Brahmasthana (centre of house)
  • You can prefer east, north and northeast directions too
  • If possible, construct your Pooja Room in ground floor or in the basement

Colour Scheme and Floors for Pooja Room

  • Light blue
  • White
  • Light yellow
  • Light yellow

Worshipping The Dieties

  • The idol’s legs should be at the chest level of the worshiper while he/she prays
  • The family members must face towards east or north while worshipping
  • One should never enter a Pooja Room without taking bath
  • People must depict triangular patterns of God in the Pooja Room

Things To Avoid As Per Vastu For Pooja Room

  • No toilet should be located above, below or next to the worship room
  • No idol in the Pooja Room must be in a defiled form
  • Pooja Room must never be in the bedroom and in the southern direction
  • The idols fetched the forayed form from temples and must never be kept in the Pooja Room
  • Important items like jewellery or money should never be kept covered within the worship room
  • No heavy objects must be collected in the Pooja Room
  • The worship room should not be created above gas stoves or electrical contrivances

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