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Vastu For Balcony

Vastu For Balcony Service Provider Delhi,NCR,Jaipur,Rajasthan,IndiaDo you want to design balcony of your house as per Vastu Guidelines? Vastu Raghava will help you in providing exact prediction and calculation for you balcony. Since, we offer excellent Vastu Consultancy Services that help you in giving the exact prophecy of each and every direction for balcony.

Actually, a balcony is a place where family members get together to have peaceful resting. It’s actually a perfect place to sit out and take sunbathe. As per Vastu remedies, the perfect location for this would be in the north direction, where there is perpetual sunlight and the east there is morning sunlight.

The west and south sides are too hot to sit and so it should be avoided. If your balcony is situated in southwest corner of your house then it must be roofed and closed as well. As such, constructing your balcony as per Vastu guidelines will assist you in creating comfortable and peaceful place.

Further, the north and east part of the balcony must not be impeded by backbreaking furniture, in order to flow the sunlight inside and light up the entire place & also the room that is connected to the balcony. In fact, it is a small space and looks comparative only if the roof is a little bit lesser than the rest of the house. A tin or asbestos roof immerses and entraps heat in a space, creating it awkwardly hot for the people.

In brief, following Vastu tips while constructing or planning for balcony, may bring peace, prosperity and happiness in house and in daily life. Backed with talented Vastu Experts and vast year of experience in the same domain have made us one of the trustworthy Vastu Consultants, based in Rajasthan (India).

Vastu Tips for Balcony

  • North and east balcony is perfect for a house
  • Balcony in northeast must not cut at any cost
  • South and west balcony property bane the residents
  • Balcony leaning towards east offers good name and fame as well
  • Southwest Portico is not propitious one
  • Balcony leaning towards North offers prosperity and good health too
  • Northeast portico offers all good effects
  • Good and attractive look draws positive powers
  • Northwest portico may create new headaches to the residents

Benefits of Following Vastu

  • Brings peace and happiness in daily life
  • Drives away negative energy
  • Brings prosperity and profit
  • Offers mental peace and skill

Improves relationship with other people

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