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EAST direction is by the planet Sun. The recommended colour for east direction is dark brown which gives purity. Readmore

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Raghava S. Bhatt
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Welcome To Vastu Raghava

How DR. RAGHAVA can bring PROSPERITY in your LIFE !!

Best Vastu Consultant in IndiaDo you want the perfect solution of your daily problems? Vastu Raghava is a leading Vastu Consultant that offers Vastu Consultancy Services for Offices, bedroom, house, Pooja Room, Toilet, Balcony, and much more. So far, Vastu Shastra is considered as the science of construction or architecture, an ancient philosophy is based on a primitive view on the nature laws and their ultimate effects on human abodes. The main concept of Vastu Shastra is to guide about directions and benefits..

As one of the leading Vastu Experts in India, we hold great expertise in Vastu Tips and knowledge to our clients. According to Vastu Shastra, the universe is completely built up of five elements like water, air, fire and space that are renowned as Pancha Maha Bhoota. We always get inquiries from our customers for knowing the exact direction for their houses, hints for building commercial buildings and Tips for having making peaceful and happy life. Thus, we hold specialization in catering our customers the most trusted Vastu Services from Rajasthan, India. Following this services, you get good health, prosperity and mental effect in life.

About Us

Vastu Raghava has been so far created a great vision by providing excellent Vastu Consultancy Services for our clients. Vastu Shastra is colossally a powerful and effective way that brings fundamental significance on pour lives. Vastu has the ability to create and destroy as well. So, it becomes necessary to take knowledge from Vastu Consultant, in order to bring positive energy in house and in.

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Why Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient and sanctified body of cognition that reveals the connection amidst humans and the abodes they live. In Vastu Shastra, the main concern is to give focus human’s well-being that can only be attained while we are in concordance with quality and the universal energy flow Vastu Shastra is actually an archaic feature of our tradition, which is widely used in the planning and .....

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Our Services

Vastu is an ancient vedic science or you may say philosophy that means nature, environment or surrounding in sanskrit. Vastu shastra is actually a study, which prescribes the form size and predilection of building or house. It’s actually a useful and adaptable to create a radical difference in your life. Also, it plays an effective role in happiness, lifestyle and health as well Here comes “vastu raghava” one of the trustworthy consultants in india that ..

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